We are a people plagued with questions. It seems as though we all have them, but few answers. We are so used to asking and answering, whether it be in school, work, or casual conversation with friends. However, I believe we have forgotten the importance of questions. They have become so common that we have forgotten the true power they possess. Maybe it’s because we have gotten in the habit of asking the wrong questions; questions that don’t really matter or take us where we need to go. Maybe we have forgotten what makes the most important question possible.

You might think that “How?” is the most important question we could ask. After all, that is how we learn and expand our horizon. But, I would argue that “Why?” is the most important question. “Why?” takes us beyond what it is and how it works. It points to purpose, and it is the question asked most often. This is not just a question for philosophers. Children are notorious for asking this question, while their parents throw their hands in the air and proclaim, “Because that’s the way it is!” This, however, is not a satisfying answer. The question still remains, and, if anything else, we have learned to suppress it.

What makes “Why?” such an important question? Simply, it points to something beyond this material world. We ask “Why?” to get a reason, a purpose behind the how of something. But, if there is no higher purpose, then “Why?” becomes irrelevant. It is a pointless question with no ultimate answer. Nature has played a cruel trick on us, “giving” us a question we desire to have answered, yet never will. The best answer we will ever be able to give is, “Because that’s just the way it is!”

However, the question still remains. We must be satisfied that there is no answer, that our sincere inquiry is pointless, and there is truly no reason for anything. Of course, this is true if God does not exist. Are you prepared to concede a universe void of purpose, or does our sincere inquiry point to something beyond this world?

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